VP of Operations

London, England, United Kingdom Full-time

We’re looking for a VP of Operations who gets pleasure from solving operational challenges at all company levels to join our executive team in this new exciting phase of growth.

You will report directly to the CEO and have the freedom to take executive decisions with our Head of Sales & Marketing, Head of Product, and Head of Supply Chain. You will be accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of SAM while being directly seconded by our meticulous financial controller and bubbly office manager.

You will:

Strategize: Assist in formulating the company's future direction and supporting tactical initiatives

Manage: Develop and maintain strong and confidential relationships with the CEO.

Finance: Forecast cash flow positions, related borrowing needs, available funds for investment, annual budget

Finance: Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital requirements by maintaining banking relationships and assisting the CEO in fundraising

Finance: Plan and Manage the Financial budget, monthly financial analysis and monthly reporting

Finance: Assist CEO in the compilation of the board pack and periodic reporting

Finance: Create and maintain an ‘active data-room’ for all corporate information

Operate: Organize and lead the executive team meetings every week, month and quarter

Operate: Manage, maintain and improve our internal management system (OKR)

Operate: Oversee HR, Recruitment, Bargaining with suppliers, Legal, and Internal operations

Operate: Actively manage Supply Chain, Operations and IT teams

Operate: Maintain all necessary operating compliances such as First Aid, Health and Safety, Insurances, Environmental etc.

Operate: Work with department heads and senior management to understand development and training needs of all staff

SAM Labs builds award-winning construction kits, inventive toys for children 7+ to learn 21st century skills through play. SAM Labs is one of London’s fastest growing tech startups, and is a part of Tech City Upscale, Go to Grow, Pitch@Palace, TED, Microsoft Accelerator and Intel Accelerator. SAM is revolutionising and democratising STEM education, hands-on learning, and the way people think about technology.

You have

  • Master’s degree in Accounting or Business Administration (or equivalent)
  • You’re a go-getter and a hustler. You’re ambitious and you’ll do what it takes to achieve success in your role
  • 5+ years experience in COO, VP of Operations or Director of Operations
  • Experience in partnering with an executive team
  • You have a love for data analysis and an obsession with the behaviour of people.
  • General management mentality in viewing the company and its operations.
  • Experience in communicating to all stakeholders including senior management, board members, customers, partners and the financial community
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • The habit of taking ownership for the success of a business beyond the operation function

Salary: 110k per annum

You will enjoy a stimulating environment, a competitive salary, and meaningful equity by joining SAM.

We work pretty hard and your thoughts and ideas are likely to be challenged by everyone in the team, including Eukene in design, Michael in software, Cyrille in operations, and Joachim in execution. At the same time, Tak will get you doing sports, Tim will make sure you can have a go at board games and Giulio & Morten will give us plenty of new music to listen to.

As a young company, the best way to fare here will be by forming bonds with other employees (who come from completely different disciplines to yours), take initiative to pursue your instincts and ideas, and to drive the company forward.

We value optimism, collaboration, sense of ownership, the ability to embrace ambiguity, talk-less-do-more attitude, learning from failure, and making the team successful. If you identify with our values and want to contribute to our company, we’d love to have you in. 

For extra credit, send us a sample of something that’s good, and send us a sample of something that’s great. Not something you created, and no explanation needed.

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